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  • Summer Hockey Program
    The best hockey program in Vancouver. Since 2013 we’ve taken players from bantam all the way to the pros. The program is housed in the biggest sports performance facility on the North Shore. With custom programs, science-backed methods, and world-class coaches, it is the place to train. Whether you’re building your engine at the start of your career or trying to stay healthy to extend it an extra 5 years, this is the place for you. Details: Location: Level 10 Fitness in North Vancouver May 2 to September 2 4-5 days/week (3 gym/2 field) Maximum group size of 6 90min sessions In-depth intake to personalize your program Limited Spots Available, Apply Now
  • In-person coaching - Private or Groups
    For a more personalized approach that takes you where you want to go on your schedule. Whether you’re preparing for your next pro season, just learning how to train, or are an everyday athlete this is the option for you.
  • Female Athlete Program
    The impact training has on female athletes is 10X that of males. Why? It can be intimidating for anyone to walk into a weight room. By learning how to train, you make the gym a place that you’re confident in, where you focus on your goals. The impact of resistance training is a major competitive advantage that sets you apart. The risk of injury for girls is also significantly higher than for boys, so resistance training helps mitigate that. This is especially important for athletes who want to play in university.
  • Personalized online programming
    Don't waste your time trying to figure out what the best way to train on your own is. Regardless of where you are, you deserve to be able to train and get better. Not everyone can jump in and train in person. Remote coaching allows you to work with Jon to get the same attention to detail while working on your schedule from wherever you like. Details: A comprehensive interview to create a personalized program for your goals A holistic plan that covers your monthly, weekly, and daily schedule 5 days/week of programming for strength & power, movement & mobility, and cardio Bi-weekly coaching meetings and on-demand communication Limited availability. Apply Now
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